Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door

Okay, so I’m in front of my door. But every single thing looks different here. What’s wrong? It’s like I’m not even in this century. Yeah, I’m not in this century. I see newspaper next to my foot. Oh my Gosh! It’s 1920! I can’t believe! How did I get here?! I’m opening the door of my house. Wow. It’s like… it’s not a house. It’s like an old bathroom or something. Oh, I have so many things on my mind right now. What is happening with my life?! Am I dreaming? No. I don’t know. Maybe I really am. But this looks so real. I’m slowly going into this weird ‘house’. I see a lot of dirty things. I think no one lives here. I think no one has been here for years. It’s REALLY dirty. I see a photo. It’s on a wall. I’m looking at the photo. I see a pretty woman. Hm, who is she? Does she live here? I don’t know. I here someone behind me. ‘Hey.’ OH GOD. WHO THE HELL IS BEHIND ME?! I’m slowly turning my head. It’s a boy. He’s cute. I think he have 10 years, at least. ‘Hey.’ I’m a little insecure. Isn’t this weird? It IS weird. Oh God, I don’t know what I’m doing here. ‘I’m your mama’s grandpa.’-the boy said. ‘WHAT? BUT YOU ARE ONLY ABOUT 10 YEARS OLD!’ I was screaming like a crazy. ‘Slow down girl. I’m here to tell you one thing. You are here for a reason. I wanted to tell you that you are here for a reason. Don’t waste your life. Do something with your life, you have everything you need.’ I’m standing here and looking at him. I mean, really? Do anyone randomly go almost 100 years in past and meet their mama’s grandpa?! I’m confused. What is he talking about?! ‘Hmm, okay. I want to go back to my life. Can you tell me how?’ He was looking at me for 10-15 seconds before he answered: ‘Everything’s in your hands. You’re making your life. I love you, honey. Take care of yourself.’ And he disappeared. Okay, what now? How can I get out of here? I’m waking up. It was just a dream. A really random dream. But, what if it was trying to tell me something? I don’t know. I’m happy I’m again in my century. Oh God, thank you.

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